About ~ Chasing Cool and Del Ryder Photography

I've been a fine art and commercial advertising photographer simultaneously for several years. Chasing Cool represents the fine art side of my work. Photographs from several genres are shown here... environmental and studio portraits, still life arrangements, and  landscapes - natural, social and urban.                          


Photography, for me, is not just about making aesthetically pleasing pictures. I am also searching for images with meaning. To that end, I find it best to trust my intuition as well as my eye. A strong feeling about an image is a sign of its importance and therefore likely to be meaningful for me. It is a very good day, excellent in fact, when I can find both qualities in a single image.

The search for new images has certainly helped me learn more about our world (and myself) in terms of our values and how we choose to live. When I find these 'telling images', I'm excited to show them. Exhibiting my photographs in galleries, museums and here on Chasing Cool is very rewarding and helps keep my photography alive.


My commercial photography has been used in books, magazines, television, product  packaging and in local, national and international advertising campaigns. Many of the skills I've learned in commercial photography have been very useful in my fine art work. One hundred and twenty fine art photographs are displayed here on Chasing Cool.


I hope the photographs on this site connect with you to elicit the feelings and sense of wonder I felt when taking them. I add new work to this site frequently so check this space again soon.


Photographs on this site are optimally prepared for fast viewing on the web. Prints made from the original high resolution raw files are many times richer in color and clarity. My  prints are available in sizes 16 x 20 to 40 x 55 inches. All photographs are signed and include a certificate of authenticity. Most of the work on this site include text for informational purposes and can be ordered with or without the text. Additional ordering information is available by going to the 'Print' section listed at the top of this page. Please email me for print pricing, shipping information or any other questions you may have related to ordering of prints.


Cool*  A word we use to describe anything we find intriguing or unique – something or someone that catches our eye and tests the depths of self-expression and imagination that we commonly confine ourselves to.

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