I trust my intuition and photograph people, places and things that spark my imagination or trigger an emotion. Capturing images and making photographs is a very rewarding way to learn and engage with the world.


When a photographer makes a photograph they are not only saying something about their subject matter, they are saying something about themselves. It has been written that with the click of a shutter button a camera sees in two directions simultaneously ... it looks out at the world and reality (a camera, after all is just a machine) and back at the photographer that has made a selection (subject matter, framing, timing, etc.) based on his or her personal beliefs and experiences. Together these factors combine to make a 'visual statement' but the result is never an objective truth. The fine art photographs I make are a record of my interpretation of a subject I have decided to photograph.


        "The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the earth, from    

         a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web."

                                                                                               Pablo Picasso

I plan my shoots, but always consider any plan a "rough sketch". In this way I have more freedom. I want to be open to chance and sensitive to any visual nuances that could enhance my original intent.


Chasing Cool* is an adventure. I don't know who I'll meet or what unique places or things I'll see next, but it's always exciting. I've met thousands of people and seen some really interesting things as a result of my work as a professional advertising and fine art photographer. I get a great sense of joy and feel I'm contributing to our culture when I show my work. It's out there in galleries, museums, magazines, books, here on Chasing Cool and in the memory of those who have seen it and appreciate it. Photography gives meaning and purpose to my life.  

So, I hope some of the photographs on this site connect with you to elicit the feelings and sense of wonder I felt when taking them. I am constantly adding new work to this site so check this space out again soon.

Photographs are available in sizes 16 x 20 to 40 x 55 inches. All photographs are signed and include a certificate of authenticity. Most of the work on this site include text for informational purposes and can be ordered with or without the text. Please email me for print pricing, shipping information or any other questions you may have related to ordering of prints.

*A word we use to describe anything we find intriguing or unique – something or someone that catches our eye and tests the depths of self-expression and imagination that we commonly confine ourselves to.