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What's Cool ?


"... a ball in the air, a guy in a T -- shirt standing in a nowhere street, a Volvo, whatever ---- cool."  Anything could be cool as long as you didn't try to exert too much influence over it."     David Salle

As a photographer, I'm not just searching for pretty pictures. Photography, for me, is an excellent way to expand my personal experience... to learn and grow as a person.

My approach to subject matter is to be open... and to expect the unexpected. I harbor no 'isms' to restrict me. When I go out with my camera my hope is to capture an image that can add meaning to my life. If I do, then I'll revel in the experience of that moment.

If someone were to ask me... What is the one thing that drove me to make photographs all these years... I would say it's the sense of freedom photography has always given me. It has given me access to many different aspects of our world I would never have known any other way.


And freedom is cool. Very cool... and always worth chasing.

ChasingCool displays my photographs exhibited in art galleries and the Everson Museum of Art.  I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them and consider your visit here on ChasingCool a positive experience.










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