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What's Cool ?


 "... a ball in the air, a guy in a T -- shirt standing in a nowhere street, a Volvo, whatever ---- cool.     Anything could be cool as long as you didn't try to exert too much influence over it."    David Salle                                                                                                                                                                                                             About ChasingCool


Most of the photographs displayed on this site were originally exhibited in art galleries in the United States and Canada. A few photographs exhibited at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, N.Y. are also included. I continue to update this site with photographs selected from recent work.               


                                                       The Way I Work 


If I find myself stopping to think… is this an image I want to capture?.. I know I’m on the wrong track. Instead, intuition and the resonance I feel with an image are the motivational triggers I need to capture any image. Analysis, that is, the thinking phase becomes most important in the editing process when I decide if a new photograph brings any additional depth to my work. If it does, I will add it to this site.


I hope you enjoy viewing these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them and consider your visit here on ChasingCool a positive experience.







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