I'm Del Ryder, an Orange County, CA photographer. I have a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Counseling from Syracuse University. Although I was able to take quite a few elective credits in photography as an undergraduate at S.U., I am basically a self taught photographer. I've always found a way to learn the things I needed to know to accomplish the things I needed to do with photography. I was probably a natural born photographer all along but just didn't know it. I bought my first real camera, a Minolta SRT 101, during military service in Japan. I bought my first enlarger, an Omega B-22, a few months later.


I was an Instructor of Photography at the State University of New York/Tompkins-Cortland and a year later became the executive director of PhotoVisions Gallery, a photographer's cooperative gallery in Syracuse. As director, I was responsible for the curation of eight photography exhibits during my term of office. I've exhibited my photographs in twenty-five shows in the U.S. and Canada. Following an exhibition of new color work at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, N.Y., my photographs were entered into their permanent collection.


After the Everson exhibit I decided to make photography a career and opened my first studio. I was always interested in fine art and still life photography so I made a portfolio and dropped it off at a few local advertising agencies. I got some good responses and some interesting work. I was encouraged by this early success with advertising agencies around Syracuse. It gave me the confidence to push harder to attract advertising work across the country. Finding an opportunity in the newly expanding business and advertising community of Southern California and in hopes of realizing a long held dream to move here, I decided to take a big risk and move my family to Seal Beach, CA. and open my new studio in Santa Ana. It took a year to get up to speed with my competition. Two years later I moved to a larger studio in Irvine, CA. With the additional space and facilities, I was able to better serve the needs of my growing client base.


The new studio, specializing in commercial product and food photography, served local, national and international clients.* My work was used on packaging, annual reports, television and magazine advertising, brochures and trade show displays. The Art Directors and Designers of Orange County, ADDOC, presented my business with awards for advertising photography on two separate occasions.


In national competition I won the Gold Award for Magazine Photograph of the year for a double page spread appearing in Orange Coast Magazine. A feature length article on my work including photographs and my working methods ran nationally in Studio Photography & Design Magazine.


I retired from the business of photography in 2010 and since then have devoted more time to fine art photography. Recently, covid 19 had me locked down, but I'm out there creating new work again. I'm excited about the new images I've captured in the past few months... they could be the foundation for my next exhibit.

*A Partial Client list:

Allergan, Apple Macintosh, Avis, Beatrice Hunt-Wesson, Bentley Mills, Breyers, Coca Cola, Del Mar Avionics, FireTrac, F.X. Matt Brewing Co., ICN Pharmaceuticals, Ingram Micro, Knudsen, Lawry's, Marathon, Inc., Philips Electronics, Ocean Pacific (Swimwear), Orange Coast Magazine, Quantum Health Resources, Taco Bell, TRW (Northrop Grumman).