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Going Rogue

My wife and I took a tour of northern Spain. One of the stops on our tour was the renowned ninth century Montserrat Monastery high in the mountains north of Barcelona. From the Monastery you could see the Pyrenees Mountains that form a natural border with France some 30 miles away. Those mountains can be seen in the background of this photograph.

I decided to go rogue and split off from the main tour group that was concentrating on the famous church to explore on my own. It was a nice day but quite cold so I was walking fast to keep warm. I wanted to climb to the top of the mountain to get a better view of the landscape. As I neared the top I heard a rustling in the brush nearby and this cat jumped up onto the retaining wall from the far side. He was obviously a feral cat by the way he looked. He had a very thick coat of hair I’d never seen on a cat but it made sense given that it was winter in the mountains. He followed me, walking slowly along the wall at the edge of that steep cliff. Every time I stopped he stopped, and each time he got a little closer. When he was close enough I slowly crouched down to take a shot. That’s when he stopped and sat down. I could see he had a badly damaged right eye and part of his nose was missing. The top sections of both ears were gone as well as the last inch or so of his tail. I was impressed. He lived in rough circumstances and was doing well considering. I took three shots before he disappeared back into the brush.

Montserrat Monastery is an inspiration to thousands of visitors every year but it was ironic that my inspiration that day came from meeting this amazing creature.