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Jack be Limbo, Jack be Quick

I shot this photograph for an advertising agency in Orange County, California. The agency used it on an invitation for their annual Christmas Party. This photograph reminds me how fearless I was on set. The shot was taken in a completely dark studio on a Hasselblad with the 40mm lens, slow shutter speed, and a focusing spot flash hung off an overhead boom. The really crazy part was the 2x2 wooden pole that we grooved out so that we could poor kerosene into it. We lit it up 18 times to make sure we would get at least one shot with really big flames. Kerosene was dripping ... some of it on fire, but an assistant had the fire extinquisher in hand. I didn't have any smoke alarms in the studio, but I did worry a lot about those sprinkler heads up on the ceiling. Luckily they didn't go off. I wondered if I would do a shot like this today and thought probably not, but then again, maybe I would ... I'd just need to get a stack of releases signed. We all took a lot of chances in the name of creativity, but this shot was over the top. It's a really unique photograph though and I'm glad I did it.

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