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On the Road to Reno

I confess; I’m addicted to road trips. I do them a little different than most photographers as I never have a destination or set goals. I also avoid tour books because they structure your vision and pre-condition the way you think of a place you haven’t visited. I really don’t want to be influenced in any way. I trust my instincts when it comes to photography. Now that I am writing this it sounds a lot like exploration. I usually do the fly/drive. I’ll fly to a city I have not visited, rent a car and head out on the road with no goal other than returning to the same airport after a certain number of days to fly back home. It’s like rambling down the road to see what’s out there and the good news is that every road trip I have taken has been inspirational, fun and added to the familiar feeling that I was so fortunate to have been born an American.

Heading north out of Las Vegas, I eventually found a major highway headed west. I figured this would take me in the right direction to get to Reno. I like the back roads more than the highways but I had been driving in this storm for a while and it was getting dark so I thought the highway would offer more opportunities to find a room for the night.

I’ve taken and seen a ton of sunset photos. For me to shoot another one, I have to see something really different and this one was out of the ordinary… maybe even for a meteorologist. I pulled into the median of the highway to capture the sunset up ahead breaking over the mountains. Traffic coming toward me on the other side of the highway had turned on their lights because they were entering the storm. I took the shot handheld. Using a slow shutter speed and a rather wide aperture combined with the rain, put a nice glow on their headlights. Call me crazy, but this one shot alone made the whole trip worthwhile.