• ChasingCool Photography

When Less is More.

I took this shot quite a few years ago. The image has stood the test of time in that I still really like looking at it. It was taken as a portrait but, for me, it surpasses that goal and edges into the realm of fine art photography.

The photograph was made on Kodak Portra 160 35mm film with a Nikon camera fitted with a 55mm macro lens hand held. The lighting was a 100 watt tungsten light bulb in a 10 in. reflector I bought at Home Depot for about six dollars. That lamp came with a clamp that I used to fix it to the shower door.

I learned a lot of things early on assisting a location fashion photographer who’s photo gear consisted of his camera and a pile of cut up pieces of white and black foamcore for bouncing or blocking the light. Less really can be more.