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What's Cool ?


 "... a ball in the air, a guy in a T -- shirt standing in a nowhere street, a Volvo, whatever ---- cool.  Anything could be cool as long as you didn't try to exert too much influence over it."   David Salle                                                                                                                                                                                                            About ChasingCool  


I am a fine art photographer. I've exhibited photographs at the Everson Museum of Art in New York and several art galleries in the US and Canada while operating studios for commercial photography in N.Y. and Orange County, CAThis site is dedicated entirely to my fine art photography to include digital and film photography, black & white, color, documentary, street, portrait, location and outdoor boudoir photography, landscape, still life, and topographical  photography focused on the cultural and social aspects of our built environment.

                                              My Way of Working 

I studied Zen and Taoism in Japan and later in the US while studying photography. I have bachelors and masters degrees in psychology and counseling. My fine art photography mirrors my training; to maintain an open mind and strive for a clear awareness. I have an intuitive approach to image capture.

I have been a fine art photographer for several years. My goal as an artist has never been about money or awards or building a resume. As a fine art photographer it's about gaining a greater understanding of the world. I am curious and love to be out  'on the road' exploring and discovering things along the wayThere is a sense of purpose and a feeling of connection with the world through photography I cannot grasp in any other way. The feeling of connection is also accompanied by a profound sense of peace.  

I hope you enjoy viewing these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them and consider your visit here on ChasingCool a positive experience. So, stay tuned. I add photographs weekly.







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