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One of the variants of the game 20 Questions divides the world into three basic categories: People, Places and Things. Del Ryder used these divisions to help direct visitors to an aspect of life they are interested in while viewing fine art photography here on ChasingCool.

PEOPLE photography is about men, women and children of any nation, race, religion or culture. Fine art boudoir and location portrait photography are about individuals or groups to include a wide range of activities they may engage in. Lyrical documentary and street photography to include people will be included in this category.

PLACES is a wide ranging category. Technically it is a space or area occupied by a person or a thing. The ‘area’ aspect to include landscape photography and certain types of topographical photography of our built environment or architectural photography is represented in this category. People will not be featured in this section, but the feeling of ‘human presence’ may be felt in the photographs as it's been a strong interest for Del Ryder for several years.

THINGS is about any object… all kinds of stuff, creatures, pets and nature. It may also cover objects manifesting a ‘human presence’ such as clothing or personal belongings. Still life photography is also represented in this category.

PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS are a practical way for Del Ryder to display what interests him as a fine art photographer given that collectively those categories cover all of life. Hopefully it will help you as visitors to navigate to your own personal interests more effectively.

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