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Seeing Things...

                              for a photographer the moment of seeing can also be a moment of revelation



Certainly, an astonishing number of photographs are now being produced daily. And it's easier to take more pretty good photographs -- photographs that depict clearly and with formal coherence the world around us -- in the digital age than with film. But the kind of photographs that truly intrigue me -- the photographs that in their complex ambiguity hint at other kinds of meanings, that take viewers somewhere they haven't been before -- these photographs remain as elusive and as difficult to take as ever. Perhaps it is because the line between facile photographic cleverness and significant insight is so delicate and unpredictable. Perhaps it's also simply because the world only gives a photographer so many chances in a lifetime.

                                                                                                        Alex Webb


My aim in painting is always, using nature as the medium, to try to project upon canvas my most intimate reaction to the subject as it appears when I like it most: when the facts are given unity by my interest and prejudices. Why I select certain subjects and not others I do not exactly know, unless it is that I believe them to be the best mediums for a synthesis of my inner experience.                                                                                                                                                                                            Edward Hopper


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