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Life is Short

It seems that for the last 20 years or so I have been in a constant battle to keep my weight down. Eating between meals is a definite NO. Eating a Hot Dog between meals, for me, is tantamount to a sacrilege. It’s the worst thing I could ever eat, but on this day my travels took me right past Pink’s on La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles. I don’t know how I let this happen. I should have known better. I found a parking spot instantly which didn’t help either so there I was… behind this guy waiting to place my order for a big, fat, calorie laden, but juicy Hot Dog.

As I waited, I was consumed with guilt and ready to head back to my car. Just as I was about to break from the line, I noticed the tattoo on the back of this man’s neck in front of me. It said: “Life is short. Eternity isn’t.” -- GOD

Suddenly, the line seemed to move faster and yes, on this special day, a Hot Dog (but just one) would be OK.

Del Ryder

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