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I always wanted to visit Denver and in 2018 I finally did. I wanted to see the Rocky Mountains and some good old Western lore. It seems the place has changed from the TV shows I watched as a kid. You can go far and still not see Cowboys. Like, all the way to Cheyenne. Denver had a lot to offer in other ways though. Every two years the city becomes a huge photo festival with several galleries and museums participating. That was not part of my plan but was very cool.

I've seen a ton of photographs in my day so I'm a little jaded. My wife and I had been walking the galleries for a few hours and I hadn't seen anything really new so I suggested we find a bar to get beer and a glass of wine. On our way into the bar I saw this woman on her way out the door heading straight toward us full speed... red lipstick, nails and those high heels! OMG. I caught up to her and asked if I could photograph them. She laughed and told me she had just bought them an hour before and to go ahead. It was not an ideal spot and the light was very poor... mixed tungsten/fluorescent and weak daylight through a window off the street. I had to go 3200 iso (I hate that) but it turned out ok.

Denver has the Rocky Mountains and as majestic as they are I'll remember Denver for this woman and her red high heel shoes.

Del Ryder

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